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Grief & Growth

For my senior thesis project I researched, designed, and developed a website dedicated to helping victims of trauma better understand their experience, as well as give practical methods to aid in the difficult journey of recovery. I recently redesigned and redeveloped the project the past few months.

  • Services Visual Design + UX Design
    + Responsive Web Development
  • Website
  • Created Spring 2013 / Spring 2017
Grief & Growth main image

I wanted the homepage to be a portal for the different types of information a user can find on the website, including research on the topic, real stories from trauma survivors, and activities to help the healing process. The idea is to rotate through different stories and activities to keep this content fresh.

Grief & Growth homepage image
Listing & Detail Pages

The 'Understand' and 'What To Do' landing pages both feature a card style list of the subpages. At the top of these pages is a featured quote relating to the topic. Each of these subpages also has an icon associated with it to add a quick visual reference.

I also drew a few custom illustrations to compliment the scientific text.

Grief & Growth subpage image Grief & Growth illustrations image
Real Stories

The real stories are my favorite part of the website, because of the content and depth they provide. Each story features an image of the person, along with different sections of their grief journey, and icons relating back to the 'what to do' pages with the activities that helped them.

Grief & Growth real story image Grief & Growth icons