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The Chef's Garden

The Chef’s Garden is a small, family-owned farm in Northeast Ohio that offers a unique selection of microgreens, vegetables and edible flowers to professional chef’s all around the world.

The main goal when approaching the new website was to include an e-commerce portion which would allow them to expand their business exponentially. In addition to doing the full ux design of this website, I also helped develop the front-end templates.

The Chef's Garden main image
Sitemap + Sketching

Every project I start with sketching out ideas for the main templates, while simultaneously developing the sitemap. I find it's easier for me to work this way because I can make sure that the navigation will work symbiotically with the design and wireframes.

The sitemap for this project was drastically different than their past website, because they were introducing the e-commerce portion of it, which would be the driving force of the site.

The Chef's Garden sketch image
The Chef's Garden sitemap image

Starting out with this project, I knew I wanted the products to shine. Not only this, but a way to highlight the farm and the special relationship they have with their workers. They have a unique story and being able to tell that, along with selling products was a key feature.

The video banner on the homepage is not only a key design element, but allowed them the space to highlight these things in a very eye-catching way.

The Chef's Garden home image

The blog was another area of the site where we had an opportunity to feature their beautiful imagery. There is an area for three featured posts with large images at the top, before the listing begins. User also have the option to search, filter by popular categories or date.

The Chef's Garden blog image

The e-commerce portion of this site was arguably the most important portion, being that it was all new, and getting it right the first time was crucial. Because they had an onsite photographer, we were able to feature each of the products with great images, not only on the listing, but the detail pages.

The checkout process was broken into a multistep process to make it more easily digestible for the user. Checkout process was also linked to each users accounts, making it simple for users to checkout if they are signed in, or also reorder items from their previous orders.

The Chef's Garden product image